Invitrace Company Limited and Inviter Company Limited

Started in 2013, Inviter group is one of the leading AI & Experience Design consultant company in Thailand.

Our team has 15 years of modern technology, academic, and business experience, we worked on a wide range of


World-Class corporation, companies, industries, and projects.

Our ability to breakthrough new business combined with an eye for detail and a people-centric approach helps us create Full-experience plan that could bring both sides of business to the maximum of effectiveness: user’s needs & employee’s needs. We help you focus on what really matters for your business.


Under Inviter Group

Unique idea, practical invention

Invitrace Company Limited AI design experience

In health innovation and consultant area, our team and our partners work for a wide range of International & Thai clients from Government to medium and large companies, especially the experience of Healthcare & Hospital.

A.I. Feel-to-text

A.I. Meaningful Matching people

Effective A.I.